The Consortium ‘Stickability’ Literacy programme is designed to give young people aged 9 and 10 opportunities and support to develop learning skills and confidence, with lifelong impact.

We reinforce five core learning skills with praise and a special sticker system through classroom-based literacy sessions which are linked into active sport sessions. The five core learning skills are: Individual problem solving; Perseverance/focus; Emotional resilience; Empathy/supporting others; Teamwork/collaboration, and they are all key to lifelong success in learning and work.

The project has been generously funded by The Consortium (part of the Smiths News Group), and in addition Consortium and Smiths News Group staff are supporting the project’s delivery in local primary schools.

Each school involved receives two hours of provision each week for six weeks. In the first hour pupils work to develop their writing skills in the classroom, and then head out to work on their Tag rugby skills in the second hour. The five core learning skills are reinforced throughout both halves of the session through a special sticker system and lots of praise.

Delivery on the project has begun this week, with huge success. Fifteen volunteers have already been trained, and fifty children have taken part in their first sessions. Enthusiasm for the project from all sides have been enormous and it looks set to be a resounding success.

The project is designed and led by the Foundation’s Education Manager, Vicky Heslop, with delivery support from the Foundation Apprentices, Joe Aygul, Faith McEleny and Henry Polson. 


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