While 2020 didn’t happen as we had hoped, we want you on our team next year and we would like to offer everyone on this year’s team the first chance to sign up to next year's race for just £25.

The normal entry for our places is £45 but we want those who went to such great efforts for Bath Rugby Foundation this year a reduced offer for the 2021 race as a thank you for your commitment.

This offer is only open to those who were registered to run for Bath Rugby Foundation in 2020. Please do not use this offer if this does not apply to you. 

Anyone who purchases a ticket who was not registered in 2020 will be refunded and will not be registered. 

Anyone who was not registered in 2020, but would like to run for Bath Rugby Foundation in 2021 can secure a place here.

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Bath Half offer to 2020 runners

Decrease Increase £25.00