In a breathtaking display of commitment to the Bath Rugby Foundation cause, Iestyn Lewis has successfully conquered a monumental challenge that left us all in awe. Embarking on a trek to Everest Base Camp on November 1, the 1st XV Club member not only reached the bottom of the world's highest mountain but also took fundraising to new heights—literally. 

In an exhilarating adventure that involved a rugby ball, a helicopter, and the iconic Mount Everest, Iestyn went above and beyond to support Bath Rugby Foundation. Launching himself out of a helicopter from a staggering 24,000 ft, just below Everest, he managed to land at the Himalayan dreamlands of Syangboche (12,402 ft) in an undeniably thrilling aerial feat.

This daring endeavour, fuelled by Iestyn’s passion for making a difference, highlights the extraordinary lengths to which our supporters will go for the Foundation. 

“We are immensely honoured that Iestyn chose us as his charity for this extraordinary challenge,” said Head of Fundraising Halena Coury.

While Iestyn has already completed this awe-inspiring challenge, the call for support is far from over. Forget a Finn Russell offload; Iestyn now holds the title for the fastest Bath Rugby ball, soaring through the skies in the pursuit of changing lives.

Having personally funded the entire trip, Iestyn now urges supporters to carry on contributing, whether big or small, to help reach a fundraising goal of £29,031.69p—the symbolic height of Mount Everest. This financial support is crucial in sustaining the Foundation's efforts to positively impact the lives of vulnerable and challenged young people in and around Bath.

Reflecting on his incredible journey, Iestyn shares, “Jumping off a helicopter from the height of 24,000 ft, just below Everest, and landing at the Himalayan dreamlands Syangboche (12,402 ft), is undeniably the most thrilling aerial adventure in the world.

"The adrenaline rush, the eye-feasting view of the picturesque Sherpa settlement, the backdrop of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, along with other equally petrifying sister peaks, and the whole alpine experience—what else would an adventurer seek or dream of in a lifetime.” 

As we gear up for the Bath Rugby v Bristol Bears local derby, let’s channel this momentum into a final push for donations, celebrating Iestyn's remarkable achievement and ensuring a lasting impact on the Foundation’s initiatives. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.