Andy started at Bath Rugby Foundation as an apprentice and is now a Foundation Coach.

Andy joined Bath Rugby Foundation in 2016 as an apprentice with a dodgy haircut and a quiet personality. 

During his time with the Foundation Andy has grown in confidence and has shown a strong desire to learn. In his year as an apprentice he went on a leadership award residential, became a Level 2 rugby coach, completed his Level 2 Multi Skills Course and (in his own words) finally got himself a decent haircut.

"The Foundation has been an awesome experience so far. Coming in as an apprentice I knew what the Foundation did but didn’t realise how much of an impact we actually made. Every session we finish everyone leaves with a massive smile or laughing and that’s what I enjoy the most about this job.

"Being only 19 I’ve still got a lot to learn and that I’m really excited about - the next few years at the Foundation look really positive and I’m glad to be a part of it."

After his year as an apprentice he was offered a full-time job and has gone from strength to strength.

"My favourite programme is the HITZ course. Most of the participants are only a few years younger than me so I can relate really well to them and have a good laugh."

Outside of the Foundation Andy can be found playing rugby for his local team or showing some questionable dance moves during a night out.

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