Career development does not stop with the programmes on offer to young people - this year Bath Rugby Foundation has taken on two new Sport Apprentices.

Our Foundation Apprentices will have a significant role in supporting the Foundation’s aim to change young lives in Bath by assisting in delivery across all programmes in both school and community settings.

This year our Apprentices are: Ollie Ford and Jade Whale

Where could an apprenticeship take you?

Jade and Ollie are following in the footsteps of full-time staff and former apprentices, Joe Aygul and Andy Smith.

Andy's experience

“My apprenticeship helped me in so many ways. When I first arrived I was shy and lacked confidence. Throughout the year with support from the team my confidence levels grew in all areas which wouldn’t have happened without the apprenticeship. I’m now employed full time with the Foundation and can say that the apprenticeship was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Joe's experience

“My apprenticeship allowed me to build my confidence and knowledge, learning on the job whilst earning. It immersed me in the working environment and allowed me to work across all areas of our business helping and assisting different members of staff with their duties. Nine years on I am now management level employee and have been able to shape and build my own progression within the organisation. Doing an apprenticeship was the best decision I ever made.”

Could you be our next apprentice?

We will be looking for new apprentices in the future. Here’s what is on offer:

Passionate and motivated, the Foundation Apprentices will assist with the delivery and reviewing of rugby and multisport sessions, ensuring a safe environment, the setting up, maintenance and storage of all equipment as well as being involved in wider communications within the Bath Rugby Foundation and with its partners.

Successful candidates will have previously worked with young people in a youth club, school or community setting and have a good understanding of the game of rugby, as well as being able to play/coach a number of sports.

Becoming an apprentice will provide an invaluable opportunity to continue with studies whilst gaining experience and training in a full-time role.

As a Foundation Apprentice, you will be part of an active team committed to helping young people in and around the Bath area.

The working relationships, experience and skills acquired working as a Foundation Apprentice will provide an excellent basis to kick-start a future career.

How you can get involved

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