Becks is a shining example of how the Foundation changes lives.

Growing up in Liverpool, Becks first sport love was kicking a round ball and there was only one team to support in the city… and they wear red.

Her love for rugby started when she was a teenager from watching on the TV or playing a little at school and after moving south there was only one rugby team for her to support.

Becks is herself a perfect example of how Bath Rugby Foundation has a life-changing impact on people.

She was unemployed for a number of years before taking part in a Foundation programme Get Active into Work.  After completing the programme she started to volunteer with the Foundation in a number of their different programmes.

Now a full-time Senior Coach with the Foundation her understanding and personal experience means she is fully committed and has a passion for everything the Foundation does.

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Becks believes in the power of sport and the impact it can have on people’s lives. She has a real passion for working with people who have special educational needs or disabilities.

"When coaching I want to tackle any barriers facing our participants - often this is just that they think they can’t do it. By smashing this barrier it creates a memory which has huge lasting impact for individuals."

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