Boost is a new education programme, delivered by Bath Rugby Foundation coaches at the Rec.

The aim of Boost is to support young people aged 14-16 who are struggling at school, through no fault of their own. Often these pupils are not attending school or when they attend it is hard for them to engage with the lesson.

The programme mixes practical and sport activities, with classroom skill development and is aimed at building confidence and resilience.

Pupils are referred by schools and the programme is funded by the schools. 

The need

Schools in the Bath area have a great record of providing for the majority of young people who will succeed in exams and are happy in the classroom environment. However, teachers are constrained by the demands, the resources available and the wide range of needs of pupils.

There are still a small number of students with a level of need that cannot be catered for in the current school environment.

These are our students. Young people who through no fault of their own have experienced life trauma, face a mild learning need or who have not yet developed the social emotional skills critical to engaging with a highly pressurised school system. Schools know who these pupils are but need support in helping them to progress and re-engage with the mainstream system.

What is Boost?

BOOST is our programme aimed at supporting pupils that have disengaged with school and are at risk of not finishing or becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) upon leaving. 

Schools simply don’t have the resources to support these young people. That’s where BOOST comes in. We work with schools providing an alternative learning environment for these pupils here at The Rec – home of Bath Rugby. On BOOST we appreciate the changes our young people experience and create an environment that provides them with the space and support needed to make a change.

BOOST runs for three terms, twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays) for four hours as an alternative to going to school on these days. This gives our young people a vital break from the environment they have developed a negative relationship with. It also gives them a chance to be part of a different approach tailored to them from our knowledge of the psychology of success and experience of elite sporting environments.

Most of our days are split into two parts. In first half we focus on building resilience through team challenges that could happen anywhere – and we mean it, don’t be surprised to find us cooking up a mountain – but may well start in our classroom at The Rec. The second part of our day is all about being exposed to, and learning from opportunities they might not otherwise be exposed to - picking a challenging way to climb mountains and doing it, trying stock trading or learning how to become a sports leader.

During the programme the participants will be challenged to create a project or an event, using their new-found skills and confidence. The students will create something that is their own.

These might all be ideas we use to help our young people develop their resilience, create new networks and prepare themselves for the workplace.

Do you know a pupil who may benefit from Boost?

We are keen to hear from any teachers in Bath and the surrounding areas who know a pupil who would benefit from Boost

Email Jonno for more information