Having 2 teenage sons I feel incredibly aware that life could change at any moment for us. Supporting the 'Rec Sleep Out' will give me just a small indication of how it  feels to spend one night on a cold, concrete floor and be at one with the elements. We take for granted the daily luxuries we have in life and I think this one night will show me how those less fortunate than myself live.

To my fundraisers - thank you so much for supporting me in my night on a concrete floor under the stars. This year I feel passionately about doing something good for the community of Bath, giving back rather than taking. The Bath Rugby Foundation 'Rec Sleep Out' is a fantastic cause and a small insight into how the homeless in Bath live. Please help me and donate whatever you can as I would love to exceed my target of £150.00. Without your help I cannot do this. Together we can raise money to go towards this incredible charity.

Samantha Fanthorpe