Thanks very much for signing up to take part in one of our events.

The money you raise helps change the lives of children and young people right here in the Bath area.

Creating a fundraising page here means the donations come directly to Bath Rugby Foundation, without any middleman taking a cut!

So, to set up a page:

Go to the bottom of this page (or any other page on our site). In the footer you’ll see a login button. This is where you can create a profile on our site.

Tip #1: Add a picture when you set up the profile as it will look a lot better on your fundraising page.
Once you’ve registered you can log in to your profile any time you come to our site.

After this go to where you can set up a fundraising appeal.

There’s a drop down menu where you can select the relevant appeal (eg Bath Half Marathon 2020 / Rec Sleep Out / Ride Mallorca etc). If your page is not related to an existing appeal, select “donate”.

From there the page will expand and you can add in all the details you think will encourage people to sponsor you.

Tip #2: If you add a different image to your banner pic it will give the page a unique feel.

Tip #3 Same goes for detail – the more people know about your challenge, the more likely they are to sponsor you!

Once it is saved, the page will be sent to us for approval and it will be live ASAP!

Once your page has been created and approved you’ll be able to find it here:

Please share it on your social media pages. Include Bath Rugby Foundation when you share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and we’ll share as often as we can to help you reach a wide audience.

Tip #4: The more you share your training experience/build up and the story of the fundraising event, the more money you’ll raise towards your target. And have a look at each other’s pages – you may pick up some tips!

Hope that helps. If you’re in any doubt, please drop me an email – [email protected]

Thank you - And GOOD LUCK with your fundraising!