Meet Lee Mears ..

Lee may be a familiar face to many long-standing rugby fans, having represented England 43 times and played for the British and Irish Lions in 2009. Lee proudly points out that one of his biggest rugby achievements is the enjoyment of a 16-year professional rugby career at his one and only childhood club, Bath Rugby.

Lee now enjoys a successful career in the professional development field as a Partner and Executive Coach of The Preston Associates, a leading executive coaching firm that develops individuals and organisations in the UK and across the world.

Lee considers himself a part of the furniture in the city and was honoured to be asked to join Bath Rugby Foundation's board of Trustees.

Why did Lee want to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Lee lives in the city with his wife and three boys and felt that having received so much support from the city, the chance to give back while trying to impact as many young people as possible is something that he is passionately keen on doing.

Lee feels that Bath Rugby Foundation is a wonderful charity that shines a light on the issues that many people here in Bath do not realise exist, such as poverty and inactivity and he is proud to be a part of the wider team.

How does Lee wish to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

Lee says that his main hope is to leave the Foundation in a better place than when he first joined and although he knows that is already the case, he feels that there is one area that he would still like to be able to support in adding value – the charity’s objective to go ‘upstream’ and reach young people before they are at crisis point and have nowhere to turn. Lee believes that for the 18-year-old charity this is the obvious next step and where BRF could really make a difference. He is fully on board with making this vision a reality for all children, from all walks of life.


Lee’s hopes and aspirations for the future of Bath Rugby Foundation…

Lee is confident Bath Rugby Foundation will continue to grow and develop. He appreciates a charity’s growth is measured financially and by the number of young people it reaches, but he also celebrates the charity’s vision for the next three years which is to partner with other like-minded organisations and have even greater impact on the community.