Mia has recently joined as HITZ officer, previously she has worked in a number of sports and employability support settings, supporting young people reach their dreams and aspirations! Mia has always had a love of both coaching and participating in sports. Mia is extremely passionate about providing learning experiences that is centred around the needs of the learners.   

“I have always loved the work that HITZ does, I first came across HITZ in 2018 and I’m absolutely thrilled to now be part of the team.  I have a real passion to support young people to know there is opportunities out there for everyone!”  

“I believe in working together with caring professionals to offer NEET students the opportunity to life their lives to the fullest. I believe that the NEET’s we work with are incredible but just need a bit of support to see that themselves!”  

“I have played a number of sports, through school, college and university I have been lucky enough to participate in several different sports. Most recently I fell in love with playing rugby for my Uni team and the local ladies’ team! Although this has been short lived due to an injury I hope to be back playing soon!”  

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