Our intervention in primary and secondary schools equips pupils with the resilience they need to include themselves in lessons rather than putting responsibility back onto teachers to include disengaged children in lessons.

Teachers are already telling us focusing on 'symptoms' isn’t an effective strategy.

Statistically these courses show a 27 per cent reduction in classroom incidences during the lifetime of the programme.

In addition - more resilient pupils are able to face challenges, have a more positive approach to learning and ultimately gain improved qualifications, yielding significant increases in their lifetime productivity returns.

Schools we work in and target have high (average 60 per cent) Free School Meal percentage, persistent absence ratings and a higher than average number of Statemented children on record. 


Raising The Game - Primary 

Learning doesn’t come naturally to every child. Some children might struggle to keep focused or struggle to find the confidence to engage with teachers or classmates.

Council surveys show that 17 per cent of pupils in Bath & North East Somerset enjoy ‘hardly any’ of their lessons. This is well above the national average.

That’s why Bath Rugby Foundation created its Stickability programme, which has now evolved into Raising the Game - Primary, to give young people aged 9 and 10 the opportunities to develop learning skills and confidence.

Delivered in primary schools throughout B&NES and Wiltshire, we use a combination of literacy sessions and active tag rugby to reinforce five core learning skills:

  • Individual problem solving
  • Perseverance and focus
  • Emotional resilience
  • Empathy and supporting others
  • Teamwork and collaboration

In 2015, the programme was recognised by the Department for Education who awarded the Foundation with a Character Award.


Raising The Game Secondary

Despite Bath being a city well known for its wealth there are a lot of young people coming from families living in extremely challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

Sadly, these young people are much more likely to lack the soft skills, such as resilience, forgiveness and teamwork, that allow them to be effective learners in a classroom setting.

The outcome of this skills gap is a lack of performance in academic exams when compared with the rest of the country (this is often called the “attainment gap”).

Bath Rugby Foundation's Raising the Game programme for secondary school students aims to equip these young people with the soft skills they need to maximise their learning in a classroom setting.

"Soft skills" are also known as “non-cognitive predictors”. In mental toughness they are broken up into the “4Cs”:

  • Control – a person's feeling of how much they can control things in their life/surroundings
  • Commitment – How willing you are to set goals and stick to them
  • Challenge – How willing a person is to push back their boundaries
  • Confidence – A person's belief in their ability to influence others/their own emotions to their own end

In doing this the Foundation will be providing these pupils with an opportunity to improve their academic attainment.

A secondary outcome will be improved behaviour in the classroom, which will lead to better learning for other young people.

Using one hour of sport and one of applied “brainology”, participants will develop a growth mindset which will enable the students to have a positive attitude towards their learning.

The results of this will reduce the educational attainment gap and promote mental wellbeing and physical health.

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