What is the programme? 

Raising the Game Primary (RTGP) is a growth mindset programme aimed at primary school aged children.

We deliver sessions in school that provide a positive environment to build confidence (the 6-skills tool kit), allow a safe space for children to gain an understanding of their emotions, and practise strategies for behavioural responses. 

RTGP is delivered during the school day and helps develop social and emotional skills for young people to independently thrive in the classroom. 

The programme runs twice a week, for 9 weeks. Sessions run for 2 hours & comprise of a learning activity in the classroom and a physical/sport element and develops a vision and action plan for the students to manage and action throughout the programme. We do this by facilitating simple fun activities where they can practise with the tool kit before relating to real life situations.

We follow this theme throughout the programme, setting small action steps and facing small challenges which lead to bigger action steps and the feeling of success.

The programme culminates with a challenge where students are faced with something they haven’t done before and need to use the skills learnt e.g., public speaking, leading a group or running an event.  

How is RTGP delivered?

By creating safe and positive spaces - we take a low-stake learning approach to behaviours, making it OK to get things wrong. This is different to high stake punitive behaviour strategies which are often common in schools. This encourages young people to take risk so they can learn to manage their social interactions.

Focus on stickability skills in practical settings (short + medium) - equipping participants with skills needed to manage their emotions in group settings. Gives an engaging and “live” environment to practice so that when they return to the school setting where the environment is easier, not harder.

Discussions about "our" feelings (short + medium) - develops the mindset that emotions are telling us something and we can control them. This is something which is sometimes missing from traditional education.  Our participants become less reactive and more responsive in group settings.

Weekly check-ins - supporting our participants in making a real change in their behaviours in school. Allowing them to access more of what great learning is already on offer, improve relationships and contribute to improved schooling of other students.

Project Outcomes

Increased understanding of their emotions and coping strategies

Growth mindset (6 skills) and an increase in resilience

Decreased behaviour incidents within school and staying in class longer

Increased attendance record within school

Growth in confidence in new scenarios

What is the need for the programme in the school/community?

Despite Bath being a city well known for its wealth, there are a lot of young people from families living in extremely challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

Sadly, these young people are much more likely to lack the soft skills, such as resilience, forgiveness, and teamwork, that allow them to be effective learners in a classroom setting.

Learning doesn’t come naturally to every child. Some children might struggle to keep focused or struggle to find the confidence to engage with teachers or classmates.

Council surveys show that 17 per cent of pupils in Bath & North East Somerset enjoy ‘hardly any’ of their lessons. This is well above the national average.

That’s why Bath Rugby Foundation created its Stickability programme, which has now evolved into Raising the Game Primary -to give young people aged 8-10 years-old the opportunities to develop skills that enable learning and confidence.

How can your school get involved? 

RTGP is now included in as part of our collaborative School’s Partnership Programme with Bath Rugby, under the “Tackle” schools package. For more information, please contact our School Delivery Officer, Alex Randall at [email protected]

How is the programme funded?

Bath Rugby 1st XV Members have funded RTGP for St. Michael’s Junior Church School, Twerton, during the 21/22 season. RTGP is now included as part of our Bath Rugby School’s Partnership Programme under the “Tackle” school’s package.