Stand Tall is an emotional soft skills programme delivered in schools.

We work with pupils that struggle to access classroom learning due to emotional management issues.

Pupils who experience challenging emotions are more likely to struggle to sit still and learn.

Soft skills such as forgiveness, acceptance of difference and anger management can be difficult for some children.

The lessons have both classroom and sports field-based elements. Using both we discover the meanings of emotions and process solutions.

Children attending Stand Tall sessions learn through discovery. Youngsters are placed in situations where they can learn about their emotions. One example could be pupils take part in an activity, but one of the children is blindfolded. They then explain their feelings about being placed in that situation. The other children can explain how they felt about playing with someone who was blindfolded.

Bath Rugby Foundation has also teamed up with award-winning yoga company YOGADOO to provide yoga sessions during Stand Tall. Read more about the link with YOGADOO here.

Sessions will end with pupils creating a code of conduct for meeting someone who is different from themselves. The outside activity will involve tag rugby sessions. Some children will have tags but won’t know that the other children cannot take them. They will then be asked how they feel. All the pupils will discuss their emotions.

To learn more about this programme email our Education Officer, Jonno Wood