The Street Active programme is a Sport England-funded initiative which Bath Rugby Foundation delivers locally.

Street Active are local sports and physical activity clubs that are designed around the needs of young people – and we’ll take the sports to you!

It could be a club or youth centre in your neighbourhood. It could even be outside your house in your street!

Street Active classes will provide participants with positive, enjoyable experiences that make it easy for them to become active or to develop more regular activity habits.

Every year there’s the chance for participants to attend a major sports festival – this year a group of teenagers took part in the National Street Games Multi-Sports Festival at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff (Video clip below).

Street Active targets Young people who are:

  • Young people aged 14 – 19
  • Young people who are persistently inactive
  • Female only focused delivery
  • Young people from lower socio-economic groups
  • Young people with disabilities.

These clubs can bridge the gaps between school, college and community sport and provide new opportunities for young people to create lifelong sporting habits.

Street Active clubs make it easier for young people to get active – and stay active.

They provide opportunities to take part regularly in sport and activity through the creation of enjoyable, appealing and convenient opportunities for young people that are based around their needs.

Bath Rugby Foundation will additionally provide competitions/ festivals and sports leadership opportunities.

The Foundation is delivering Street Active in conjunction with Wesport.

Email the team to find out more about Street Active