I am fortunate that my role as Grounds Manager for Bath Rugby enables me to be present for all the Club's home matches and to see the spectacle of Elite level rugby on a regular basis. Additionally, it is during these matchdays that I also get to see different events before the match or during half-time that involve the general public and rugby-loving supporters at The Rec.

It was during one of the Bath United evening fixtures last year that I saw a group of young people and their BRF coaches emerge onto the pitch at half-time and play a game of rugby. Whilst going about my duties, I could not help but watch and listen to the excitement and joy that these young people were experiencing - hearing the coaches encouraging them, inspiring them and laughing with them was truly a wonderful 5 - 10 minutes.

I had the chance to chat to a couple of them while the second half was on and they were so excited to be there, watching their idols playing in front of them and looking forward to meeting those idols when the match was over. The buzz was infectious and it was impossible not be enthused and impressed with the way in which the BRF coaches had inspired confidence and self belief in the minds of these young people.

I had vowed never to run a long-distance race again after wrecking my knees in the 1998 London Marathon but I too was inspired by the BRF coaches and am now looking forward to being part of the Team that helps perpetuate the great work that Bath Rugby Foundation do.

I do not have a figure that I feel I must raise but all I would ask you you, my supporters, is that you think back to the days in your life when events have inspired you to try and do good - that is what I felt that Monday evening watching the half-time rugby - please help me to embolden the lives of the young people of Bath and allow them to reach their full potential.

Thank you for your support. Bretton

Bretton King