Bath Rugby Foundation’s holiday activities and food programmes provide safe spaces over the school holidays for children, teenagers and families to break free from their usual challenges, enjoy play, learn new skills, and share a meal together. 

BreakOut is more than just a holiday activity and food programme; it’s a lifeline for families who need it most. 

Designed to provide essential support during school holidays, BreakOut Hubs are a beacon of hope for children facing food insecurity and additional vulnerabilities.
At BreakOut Hubs, Bath Rugby Foundation goes beyond offering free hot and nutritious meals. BreakOut creates safe spaces where children can explore enriching sports, arts, crafts, and food nutrition activities. It’s about nourishing young minds and bodies. 
The charity’s commitment doesn’t stop with children. It understands the challenges faced by families living on or below the poverty line, especially during those long summer breaks. 
Without BreakOut, many of these children would return to school malnourished and ill-prepared for the academic year ahead. 
Instead of enjoying a holiday, they often experience stress, boredom, and anxiety. 

BreakOut Hubs are a result of Bath Rugby Foundation’s deep understanding of the local landscape and the pressing need for tailored support. 

What are the stats?

  • In B&NES, over 18% of youngsters aged 15 and under live in households with income below 60% of the national median (after housing costs)
  • More students than ever before are relying on free school meals to get by.

The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every child gets the nourishment, support, and opportunities they deserve during school holidays, empowering them and their families to break free from the cycle of poverty and reach for a brighter future.

Hear from BreakOut participants: 

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