Afternoon tea – Traditionally a popular activity in Bath society, why not arrange an afternoon tea for our charity. Afternoon event are always popular and don’t forget you can do extra fundraising at the event by having a raffle or an auction – let us know if you need a prize


Bike ride – Fun and fitness! We’re very fond of a bike ride at Bath Rugby Foundation. Our cycling club is the largest in the area so it won’t be hard to find supporters. And if you really pick up the cycling bug, why not sign up to take part in our Ride Mallorca?

Busking – Again, a this seems a popular activity in Bath! You’ll need to get in touch with Bath and North East Somerset Council for the correct permissions, but once you’ve ticked all the legal boxes all you need are the generosity of passers-by and the musical talent to dazzle the city crowds!


Cake sale – A fundraising favourite because, well…..who doesn’t like cake? Organise a bake sale at your office and challenge colleagues to challenge their inner Mary Berry and bring in their best bake.

Car boot sale – We all have a collection of clothes, books and DVDs that we’ve been meaning to offload. Why not set up a sale at local car boot sale to raise money for Bath Rugby Foundation?

Coffee morning – Have you been promising to get together with friends for a while, but never found the time? Let raising money for Bath Rugby Foundation be the reason that gets everyone together for a catch up.

Curry night – Turn the heat up by organising a curry night. Just remember the cooling ice cream for dessert!


Dances and Discos – 70s soul, 80s pop or 90s Britpop…or a mixture to suit all tastes, you don't need moves to impress the Strictly judges to host a party. You just need the tunes and a bit of space to throw some shapes.


Fancy dress day – Fancy dress is not just for Halloween! Ask your colleagues/classmates/students what zany outfit you should wear and charge a small fee for each vote. And don’t do it alone – the more the merrier!


Give it up - chocolate, wine, that expensive cup of coffee on your way to work – whatever your vice is, can you live without it for a month in return for sponsorship that will change a young person’s life?

Golf Day – A classic fundraiser. Let’s be honest, golfers are always keen to let loose their inner Rory McIlroy on the course.


Hiking – We’re not short of amazing views outside this city. Why not get sponsored to lead a team on a hike around Bath? Or why not step out further afield? The Bath Rugby Walk takes place in March (hint, hint).


Indoor rowing – More fitness and fundraising! Take inspiration from Patrick Brown, one of our Bath Half runners who, when the 2018 race was cancelled, decided to row the distance instead. You can either challenge yourself to an individual target or rope in other people to have fun tackling the challenge as a team.


Jumble sale – Make space at home AND raise money for charity! A win/win for everyone!


Karaoke – we all know someone with a great singing voice. And we all know someone who carries a terrible tune….but loves to show off! Always a classic it's guaranteed to be fun.


Luncheon / Lunch – Does your office have a habit of ordering food on a Friday? Why not cook up your own speciality?


(Half) Marathon running - Whether you exercise regularly or struggle to run for the bus we will help you finish the Bath Half! We have the support of some amazing running coaches who have a plan to get you off the sofa and up to 5km in no time and then a plan that will see you reach the 13km target. Getting sponsored will help you stay motivated and power you over the finish line! And if want to extend the target to 26 miles, we’re right behind you every step of the way!

Matched funding – You know that generous, caring boss of yours? Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer if they would be willing to match your efforts with a donation. It’s a great way for you to double your efforts and for your boss to generate some positive publicity on social media – just don’t forget to say thank you.


Night in - Get your friends to donate some money and cook them a meal to show off your culinary skills.


Open Garden – Are you one of the dedicated homeowners in and around Bath with an amazing garden? Why not open your doors for visitors to enjoy …in return for an entry fee!


Pancake day race – Even though they are delicious, why is it that one day of the year we seem to enjoy a pancake? Or maybe we should say: Why not take advantage of the Spring crepe craze and raise some money. Ask everyone to bring in a donation and treat them all. And bring extra frying pans and challenge everyone to a race!


Quiz night – Another classic! An easy one to arrange. You just need a bit of room and some tough (but not impossible) questions. And there’s no shortage of quiz questions online so you don’t need to be a genius to be an amazing quizmaster. If you’re looking for inspiration, Bath Rugby’s President (and our corporate fundraiser) David Trick teamed up with Apex Hotels to hold “Trick’s Halloween Trick or Treat” Quiz in October. It was a brilliant night and boosted the Bath Rugby Foundation coffers by thousands.


Raffle - Just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize. Sell off your tickets to friends, family and colleagues. If you have any question, just ask - we hold a raffle at every Bath Rugby home match!


Skydive – Daredevils, it’s time to tick that skydive off the bucket list. Get sponsored and take that giant leap! (And then move on to an abseil, zip wire etc etc. Don’t stop now!)


Touch rugby competition – When the weather improves and the regular season ends there are still no shortage of options in Bath for a game of (touch) rugby. Why not follow the lead of the brilliant team and Nine Feet Tall and Bath Rugby Ladies who organised a competition to raise money for the Foundation.


Uniform free day – ask you child’s school if they would be willing to ditch the school ties for a day to raise money for Bath Rugby Foundation. Or if you’re in an office why not challenge your colleagues to ditch their regular attire…maybe even in favour of fancy dress.


Variety show – Do you have the talent to dazzle Simon Cowell but have always kept it hidden? Rope in your friends, colleagues and neighbours and sell tickets. Next stop the Britain’s Got Talent stage!


Wax it – OUCH….but no pain, no gain, right? We can promise that if you sign up for this classic fundraising technique you won’t be sorry…But don’t forget the Aloe Vera, just in case!


X-Factor night – If you want to dazzle your friends, hold a singing competition and invite your friends to judge. Or if you want to go a little smaller organise a more relaxed night to watch the X Factor and hold a sweepstake. Or BGT. Or Strictly. Or the Great British Bake Off…..You get the idea!


Year-long challenge – Here’s a big one. Set yourself a year-long challenge and get sponsored: Run every day, give up alcohol, learn to play an instrument. Give yourself a 365 day challenge and raise funds in the process.


Zumbathon – or anything else that ends in “athon”: Yogathon, triathalon or danceathon. Just set yourself a tough challenge, rope in your friends and go for it.