Bath Rugby Foundation Day 2024 celebrated the brilliant work our coaches do in the community for vulnerable children and young people around Bath. 

Foundation Day is a significant annual event hosted by Bath Rugby Foundation, aimed at celebrating the invaluable work done by their coaches in the community to support vulnerable children and young people in Bath. 

This day serves as an opportunity to shed light on the prevalent issue of poverty and deprivation faced by many children in the region, with the foundation's overarching goal being to provide equal opportunities for all children to thrive in life. Launching their monthly giving campaign, Lose the Labels, on Foundation Day 2023 underscores the foundation's commitment to breaking cycles of disadvantage and leveling the playing field for children in need.

Through fundraising activities, testimonials from those whose lives have been positively impacted, and engaging events like mascot parades, Foundation Day not only raises awareness about the challenges faced by the community but also provides a platform for supporters to contribute towards meaningful change.

Why are we raising awareness through our Foundation days? 

In Bath, one in five children live on the poverty line. Our aim at Bath Rugby Foundation is to provide all children with an equal opportunity to succeed in life. 

Labels stick. But only if you let them. We want to break the cycle for disadvantaged children and level the opportunities offered to children in our community.

Foundation Day highlights the poverty and deprivation that goes unseen in Bath, and give supporters the chance to donate to the cause. 

We exist to build confidence, develop skills and create independence in our young people. Hear from our students and their experiences: 

Foundation Day 2024 raised an incredible amount of funds for Bath Rugby Foundation