The Rec big sleep out 2019

Chris Campbell

Too many young people have nowhere to sleep at night so I thought I would help if I can, especially now that winter is drawing in.

Keith Butler

Keith Butler

The work Bath Rugby Foundation do in providing opportunities to play rugby to those that may not otherwise be able to is fantastic

A cold night for a good cause

Alex Brown

I'm shocked by just how many young people in Bath are in a position where they don't have a safe and secure place to sleep - spending the night out in the cold is the least we can do

Paul, Annie and Rosemary sleeping rough

Paul Jevons

The Bath Rugby Foundation does incredible work in the local area and we wanted to continue to show our support and help the team continue their great work.

Sleeping on concrete - Nov 6th - Please support me!

Samantha Fanthorpe

Having 2 teenage sons I feel incredibly aware that life could change at any moment for us. Supporting the 'Rec Sleep Out' will give me just a small indication of how it feels to spend one night on a cold, concrete floor and be at one with the elements. We take for granted the daily luxuries we have in life and I think this one night will show me how those less fortunate than myself live.

Sian's REC sleep out

Sian Swift

Fundraising for Bath Rugby Foundation who support young people in the city of Bath to overcome poverty and homelessness

Big Sleep Out - Keith Butler

Unverified User

Because everyone needs the opportunity to play rugby

A Cold night under age stars for young homeless

Barry OLeary

We often think homelessness is just a London thing - it’s not .. it affects Bath and Somerset profoundly

Level playing field

Lynne Fernquest

More and more young people are in unsafe accommodation or sofa surfing. This is a sad reflection on Bath society in 2019.

Cold Slumber 2019

Calvin Ellis

About 5 years ago I heard that cuts were being made to youth services. Since then I have looked for a way to do my part to help in any direction possible. So sleeping in the cold, for a night a year is the opportunity I was looking for.

Dale Sleeps Out 2019

Dale Hattey

To help those young people less fortunate than my daughter and don't always have a safe place to sleep