On Saturday December 5th a team of Bath residents will be attempting to set a new 24-hour Ski-Erg record.

All donations will go to support the work of Bath Rugby Foundation.

The team of ten is made up from clients of a local gym, Get Fit in Bath, where a range of abilities and ages have been put together to beat the current record of 369,343 metres.

The team’s ages range from 18 to 51 years old and for the last four months they have all been training with weights and the Concept2 Ski-Erg machine up to five times a week to be able to cope with the physical and mental exhaustion this challenge presents.

The challenge will begin on December 5th at 9am at Get Fit in Bath and will run until 9am on December 6th.

The team will be working in shift patterns which sees each team of 5 completing a half hour shift before handing over to the second team to continue the pacing needed to beat this record.

The team would love your support on the day to keep them motivated (especially in the late evening of December 5th!) and any donation, no matter how big or small, will not only change the lives of under privileged youngsters in Bath, it will also spur this team on to beat this World Record.

  • The team:

    • Ceri Millward – aged 18
    • Josie Greenston - 19
    • James Paddock - 25
    • David Bowler - 31
    • Liam Moloney - 32
    • Laura Androsoni - 35
    • Alex Stocks - 25
    • Edward McKenzie - 40
    • Richard Griffith - 49
    • Ian Millward - 51