Charity Chief Executive, Lynne Fernquest, said: “This is heartbreaking. We work with some of the most vulnerable youngsters in our community and this is bound to affect our impact. Every year we work with thousands of children and young people, providing social, emotional, and practical support for those who have had the toughest start in life. The flooding has hit hardest those with the least.” 

Lynne went on to say, despite the devastation, the charity had been overwhelmed with support from staff, landlords Bath Recreation Ltd, Bath Rugby staff and its supporters, and volunteers.

“Their swift response and unwavering commitment to helping us navigate this huge blow is a testament to the collective potential within our community. Bath Recreation has pledged to help us with alternative accommodation and is determined to restore our building and get us back on our feet as soon as possible. We are insured, but that can never make up for the disruption and the time our team will have to spend on the unavoidable challenges created by the flood.”

Bath Rugby Foundation relies heavily on donations to carry out its incredible work and Head of Fundraising, Halena Coury, has called on the community to help where it can.

“While we are fortunate to have insurance coverage, the challenges that lie ahead will still be significant. The dedication, time, and expertise of our team will be stretched to the limit as we work tirelessly to continue to support the children and young people who need us the most.”

Halena called on supporters to help in three main ways:

  1.         Every contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way in helping the charity recover. Visit Bath Rugby Foundation’s website to make a regular one-off donation.
  2.         The charity has amazing volunteers but, especially at this time, would welcome more. Signing up is simple on the website.
  3.         Share the charity’s story on social media and among networks. Keep an eye out for updates through social media, newsletters, and the charity’s website.

“Your ongoing support and engagement are crucial as we recover from this challenging period,” said Halena. “The children and young people we serve depend on us, and with your unwavering support, we can rebuild not just a physical space but also the aspirations of those we are dedicated to uplifting.”