When I was younger and my world was rocked by awful events on the news, my mother would say to me – ‘Look for the helpers. You’ll always see people who are helping’.

Although my mum was quoting from a 1960s parenting book, it was a code she lived by and a phrase that has continued to comfort me during the many lows of the last two years.

My mother was the first to put her hand up to help everyone, from the school PTA to the chapel and was a helper in the many and varied clubs she joined.

I can still hear her saying ‘there will always be people running towards the problem. Concentrate on them, and if possible, be one of them.’

Firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and police officers have been joined by scientists, teachers, carers, charity workers and supermarket staff on the growing list of superheroes. I am so grateful for all of them, for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for us. Add to that roll of honour the many thousands of incredible volunteers and fundraisers who have stepped up during the pandemic and I dare you not to feel proud.

Every one of these workers and volunteers has renewed my faith in humanity, especially since our world turned upside down.

Like every charity across the UK and across the world, Bath Rugby Foundation is blessed with volunteers who give their time freely to make our community stronger – and in our case help provide a safe space and opportunities for the growing numbers of children and young people who are struggling to find their way in life.

In the UK alone it’s estimated volunteers add £70bn worth to our economy, and it is mind blowing to think volunteers do this day in and day out and with a smile on their faces for the thousands of causes they believe in.

Our volunteers are wonderful and tell us they get as much from their contribution as they give. They say benefits include a sense of belonging and being part of a community, lots of fun, learning new skills, meeting new people, and taking on new challenges. Some have even told us it has helped support their own mental health during uncertain times.

It’s that uncertainty that now surrounds us, and fear has found its way back into our lives. It’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the tidal wave of negativity that greets us every time we turn on the TV, however the positives are there if we look for them.

Incredible people are all around us and, although they don’t wear capes, they are the superheroes.

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