Creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Is your workplace an environment where diversity thrives? Do your employees feel welcomed, valued and respected, regardless of different needs and ways of thinking.

At Bath Rugby Foundation and our ‘Lose The Labels’ EDI training we support businesses and organisations with their inclusive workplaces and to champion equality and diversity.


What is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (or EDI)?

Bath Rugby Foundation have developed a suit of training opportunities for teams and organisations to explore their current working practices focussing on equality, diversity and inclusion, exploring behaviours, mindset, strategy and environment to make a thriving team.

Our classrooms don’t have walks, through practical, fun experiences we’ll build understanding and confidence to develop an inclusive working environment for organisations, employees and customers.

We disrupt thinking by providing experiences out of current environment through practical activities, challenge comfort zones, biases and labels through facilitated discussions and practical activities. 

Why is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion important?

Inclusive companies are twice as likely to be innovative and bring in twice as much revenue per employee, but:

  • One in five (20%) of employees don’t think their current company is an inclusive place to work.
  •  57% of employees had witnessed discrimination or a lack of inclusivity whist at work.
  • 11% (over one in ten) of employees have been discriminated against at work, and this wasn’t dealt with properly in 8% of cases.

If you create an inclusive workplace, then you can expect the following benefits.

Talent acquisition Of those looking for a new career, 47% actively look for evidence of a diverse and inclusive culture.
Innovation Inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovative.
Productivity Cash flow per employee is 2.3 times higher per employee in inclusive organisations.
Engagement Millennials are 83% more likely to be engaged at work within inclusive environments. 

Why the Bath Rugby Foundation?

Bath Rugby Foundation has over 20 years’ experience developing inclusive teams and facilitating programmes for people to thrive. We engage with diverse people and groups from across the Southwest, facilitating activities/learning environments to build confidence, develop skills to progress to their next positive step. 

Bath Rugby Foundation are accredited employer with the following organisations:

·       WECA Good Employer Charter,

·       Disabilty Confident Employer

·       Living Wage Foundation 

This workshop is targeted at leaders from one organisation, a department team, or all employees from one organisation. 

We’ve been delivering these workshops since 2022 and previous attendees consist of:

Local Global

·       BaNES Council

·       Bath Rugby

·       Dyson Institute

·       University of Bath

·       Mogers Drewett Solicitors

·       KP Snacks

·       Spirax Sarco

“The workshop was very thought provoking and really made me think about my interactions with my team. How as the manager I facilitate the environment and can switch things up and create different environments to make it more inclusive and thriving for my staff.”

What does the Immersive Workshop involve?

Catered for all abilities, the trainers facilitate an immersive indoor and outdoor practical activities for participants to learn, explore and disrupt their thinking and feelings. The activities give space for attendees to question biases and perceptions.

From working with a range of diverse young people and organisations for twenty years, our coaches are inclusion and diversity experts. We’ll share our strategy for inclusive environments and explore and help identify which areas of inclusion and diversity your organisation does well and explore together where it can improve.

Through practical, fun experiences we’ll build understanding and confidence to develop an inclusive working environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected.

Through our workshop you will learn:

  • Communicate with team members of all abilities.
  • Define equality, equity, liberation, and inclusion and understand why they are important.
  • Understand the comfort, stretch, panic model.
  • Discuss common successes and challenges in inclusive work practices and solve problems.
  • Understand what’s possible with newfound confidence within your workplace.
  • How to be an advocate within your organisation and to gain accreditation to demonstrate inclusive employer.

The workshop lasts three-hours and takes place at our home in the centre of Bath which is easily accessible via public transport. Parking is also available at an additional charge. 

What is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on the amount of participants, starting at £1,000 for a three-hour workshop at our home in the centre of Bath.

Tailored workshops are also available on request.