Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that includes symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder include a short attention span, constantly fidgeting and acting without thinking. October was ADHD awareness month but we believe that neurodiversity awareness should continue all year round.

Here we celebrate Jack who has ADHD and has worked with the Foundation through numerous programmes. Jack is now thriving and continuing to find ways to grow his confidence and manage his ADHD as a result of working with us. 

Meet Jack......

1. Which programmes has Jack participated in with Bath Rugby Foundation?

Jack has previously taken part of Summer BreakOut in Bath and Keynsham, recently he has joined inclusion club Hi5! Sports.


2. What made Jack come onto the Foundation programme?

Jack’s grandma saw our social media posts regarding our Hi5 programmes and reached out to us to ask in particular about the Hi5 golf provision. She felt that this would be most suitable for Jack as both dad and grandad used to play golf.


3. How has the Foundation programme helped Jack?

Jack is now happy in himself, growing in confidence and Hi5 golf is allowing Jack to be focused on improving golf and talking to others in the group. This was particularly noticeable as he is now engaging in conversation with the coaches and even displaying signs of physical engagement through a high 5 or fist pump. Jack’s family are now able to bond with him over golf and use it as social activity for the whole family.


4. What was life like for the Jack before the programme, and how is it different now?

Jack had little self-confidence, felt he was silly and had a low opinion of himself which caused Jack to be unmotivated to all sport and physical activity. Hi5 Golf has changed Jack’s outlook on sport and he is now proud of the fact that he plays golf and tells his friends “I’m a golfer”.


5. What challenges has Jack faced in the past? How does he feel about them now?

Jack has previously found barriers at a drama club that even though he enjoyed it, the staff couldn’t accommodate Jack’s SEND and asked Jack to no longer attend the club which knocked his confidence. Jack feels that he fits into the environment at Hi5 Golf and feels he is in a safe space and can socially engage with others. 


6. What are the key things that Jack has learnt on the programmes?

 Jack has learnt that if he doesn’t get things right the first time, he realises that he isn’t wrong or silly, he just needs to keep trying and practise makes things better.