Introducing The President’s Lounge - focusing on the city’s young people, whose prospects have been hardest hit by the pandemic

Bath Rugby, Bath Rugby Foundation and Farleigh Performance are launching The President’s Lounge - a unique partnership with the ambition of uniting diverse groups and strengthening the whole community.

The President’s Lounge, hosted by Bath Rugby President John Hall, will host live and online events, facilitated by Farleigh Performance, bringing together key stakeholders, highlighting incredible initiatives, and opening up new conversations about how – together - we may better help our community. 

Built on a profound shared belief - how by coming together people can do more - the President’s Lounge will invite ideas, and encourage a deeper understanding of the needs, goals and ambitions of the community. The aim is by better connecting people the initiative will unearth new and creative opportunities to contribute to the well-being of the city. 

The President’s Lounge creates an environment to talk about the work of Bath Rugby and Bath Rugby Foundation in the community, to showcase other organisations making a significant impact in the city and – crucially – create a platform for everyone involved to understand how together we can better support the whole community. 

The President’s Lounge focuses on the city’s young people, whose prospects have been hardest hit by the pandemic and provides a chance to address this impact, learn from each other and build a more resilient city for future generations. 

 John Hall was appointed Club President in 2019, and a key part of his role is supporting the Club’s vision to use its unique position in the community to connect people. 

“Bath Rugby plays a massive part in the Bath community,” said John. “It connects people who wouldn’t normally be connected. Bath has a hugely diverse population. We have a huge community rugby network across our grassroots clubs, who have supplied players to Bath Rugby and who we look to repay and support across our Community initiatives. We have students and staff within the two universities, many schools, an exciting and ambitious business community and around 400 not-for-profits. The Club is central to all of this. Nothing brings people together in this region like a game of rugby. It is all about coming together to be part of something greater.” 


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