Social Media has had a transformational impact on how we collectively communicate, often used for good but sadly sometimes used with negative intentions.

The introduction of Social Media has dramatically enhanced the opportunities available to us as a charity, with participants, volunteers and supporters able to get to know what we do and help us to share our story. Social Media has been instrumental over the past year, giving us the ability to keep connected with our participants and offer support to more people during an incredibly challenging time. When used correctly, Social Media can offer an excellent space to share, inform and connect.  

When used incorrectly, however, and with the intention to cause distress, it becomes a very different platform. One that can have significantly detrimental effects on user’s mental health, to devastating consequences. We must take action to stop it. It is the responsibility of all of us to report online abuse, to recognise the person behind the screen, and to treat each other with respect.   

Bath Rugby Foundation & Bath Rugby is fully supportive of the UK Government’s Online Safety Bill including the introduction of regulations to enforce statutory duty of care for Social Media users.   

As part of BT Sport's, 'Draw The Line' campaign, Bath Rugby Foundation & Bath Rugby will boycott all of our social media channels from Friday 30th April at 15:00 to Monday 3rd May at 23:59, seeking to highlight the growing problem of online abuse and the need to enforce accountability for such behaviour.   

We know supporters will feel just as strongly about online abuse. It is simply unacceptable. As a charity and club, we will be reviewing our own Social Media policies and reviewing what more we can do to protect our online community.   

If you or someone you know has experienced abuse of any kind online, please contact your local police force.

For more information on 'Draw The Line' visit

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