We have started a new campaign at Bath Rugby Foundation that we hope you will join in on

We know everyone is having a tough time right now so we are encouraging you all to take a moment to relax and reflect – a moment for you.

We also hope that everyone who takes part will make a small donation of £2 to Bath Rugby Foundation. The cancelation of home matches, including The Clash has left a huge gap in our fundraising, at a time when more vulnerable children need our support.

Our work goes on during this lockdown and we know that the crisis will mean that more children than ever will turn to Bath Rugby Foundation for vital support when the lockdown is lifted. We have BIG PLANS to help these youngsters, but we need help to pay for it.

 What do we want you to do?

  • Take a moment for yourself. A quiet reflective moment to think about what is happening and think about things positively
  • Enjoy your favourite drink – and remember it doesn’t have to be alcoholic!
  • Donate £2 to Bath Rugby Foundation
  • Nominate five people to do the same

Please share a clip or picture of yourselves enjoying your drink on whichever social media you use, tag in the people you nominate and include the hashtag #DrinkDonateNominate and this link for donations https://www.bathrugbyfoundation.com/donate/donate/5/credit-card

As with all good ideas at Bath rugby Foundation, this one came from David Trick. Here's an explanation in his own words

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