It’s party time at Bath Rugby Foundation – Today is our 15th birthday.

We were born on November 22, 2003, when Jonny Wilkinson was kicking England to Rugby World Cup Final victory in Australia.

Bath Rugby’s charity was created to empower vulnerable children and young people in Bath and the surrounding area to succeed. We exist because too many youngsters in Bath are deprived of an equal opportunity in life.

Over the past 15 years we have worked with thousands of children and young people and our ambition is reach every vulnerable young person using the values of rugby as a vehicle to change lives.

The numbers in need are rising and we really need your help to change more young lives in this city.

Our 15th birthday holds a special significance as a rugby charity, it is at the centre of our new campaign.

15 for 15

We are appealing to everyone in Bath to offer us 15 for 15.

But what 15 they offer us over the next year for our 15th birthday is up to them.

  • It could be a one-off donation of £15
  • It could even be a monthly donation of £15
  • It could be a business offering 15 work experience placements to our HITZ Learning Academy students
  • It could be a business offering 15 employees for a day of volunteering

If you want to help us, what you do is entirely up to you!

If you would like to talk to us about supporting our 15 for 15 campaign email [email protected]

What difference would £15 make?

£15 is the cost of one hour with one of our coaches

£115 – Buys a meaningful keepsake that gives a group of disenfranchised pupils a sense of belonging when they graduate from one of our programmes

£515 - Pays for one primary school to receive six weeks of our Raising the Game programme

£515 - Pays for all of our HITZ students to travel on public transport to and from our classroom for a month

£515 – Pays for 5 schools to have a memorable event to practise their new skills, make new friends and mark their graduation from our programmes

£1,015 – Pays for a coach do deliver a programme in 3 schools

£5,015 - Pays for our Hi5! Club for a year (30 hours delivery)

15 for 15 ideas

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Donate £15, either as a one-off or as a regular charity donation
  • Offer 15 work placements for our students
  • 15 products to raffle
  • Pay for 15 gifts/keepsakes given as a reward for participants at the end of a programme
  • Raise sponsorship by taking part in 15 challenges over the next year - maybe you could start with the Bath Half Marathon
  • 15 people take part in a single challenge - we will soon be launching the Bath Rugby Walk, which takes place in February
  • A 15 day challenge – could you give up something for 15 days (maybe that coffee you buy every morning?) and donate your savings to us.
  • Walk/run/cycle/row 15 miles/km or maybe as a group do the same for 1,500 or even 15,000
  • Could your gym raise money by taking part in a workout with 15 rounds/15 reps
  • Get sponsored to lose 15 kilos
  • Sponsored for 15 acts of kindness

Or, of course any idea using the number 15 that you feel like taking on is just brilliant as far as we are concerned!

If you would like to talk to us about supporting our 15 for 15 campaign email [email protected]

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