Meet the wonderful Emma Haines - Emma is a proud Bath Rugby Foundation volunteer and Trustee who has kindly agreed to answer our pressing questions this National Volunteer Week about what it's like to be a volunteer for us and to tell us how she first became involved with BRF...  

1. Emma, please can you tell us a little about your background?

I have worked in the Charity sector for over 17-years in various leadership, strategic development, fundraising and communications roles, prior to this I spent eight years in the Pharmaceutical industry. All of these positions involve building relationships and engaging with a fascinating and diverse range of amazing people.

2. Why did you want to volunteer for Bath Rugby Foundation?

Like many generations before me I was born and brought up in Bath; I moved away in my twenties returning three years ago to be closer to family. I wanted to get involved in the local community and to use the skills I had gained over the years to make a real difference. I started looking for a Trustee role even before we had moved; Bath Rugby Foundation were advertising for a Trustee with fundraising experience, it was the perfect match for my skills. The cause is one very close to my heart and the support BRF offer to dis-advantaged children and young people across Bath and the region is inspiring. I met with Lynne, the team and some of the other Trustees who put me through my paces - I was delighted to accept when they offered me the position.

3. How do you feel when you volunteer for BRF?

Incredibly proud, seeing the difference BRF makes to the lives of those they support every single day is very motivating and brings a great sense of purpose. I enjoy the challenge and responsibility that being a Trustee brings, you need to invest time and be prepared to work through some demanding and complex situations, asking those difficult questions. That said you get as much back as you put in; new skills, confidence, friendship and it has been proven that helping others is good for your health!

4. What have been your highlights of volunteering with us?

There have been so many. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the beneficiaries whose lives have been transformed enabling them to go and do great things. A real highlight for me has been the last 18 months; like a lot of charities BRF has faced some significant challenges such as reduced funding and the need to deliver a socially distanced service. The speed and agility of their response was exceptional and as a result the team continued to deliver support which was needed more than ever.

5. What do you personally want to achieve during your time as a Volunteer/Trustee?

I would love to see BRF helping even more young people; imagine if we could reach all of those that needed our support. This will require us to have an even higher profile, become a recognised provider of innovative services and raise more money.

6. How has Bath Rugby Foundation changed your life?

Being a Trustee for BRF has hugely enriched my life, from the discussions and debates at Board meetings, learning from people with different skills and backgrounds, to the fun and laughter we have working together to achieve our shared goal. It also provides an interesting and thoughtful topic of conversation during family mealtimes, a positive way to explain societal differences and the idea of giving back to a ten-year-old. Without doubt though the best part has been the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful, passionate people that have I would not have otherwise met. If volunteering is something you are considering I cannot recommend it enough!

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Tomorrow, we'll be sharing the volunteering story and journey of the wonderful Graham Binns in celebration of National Volunteer Week.