Meet Amber Morgan, qualified Therapist , rock choir enthusiast, mother of 2,businesswoman and Bath Rugby Foundation volunteer.

We connected with Amber this week to learn how volunteering with our charity has enriched her own life and why sharing her unique  skills and expertise with those in crisis helps us change young lives in the community.

Can you tell me about your background ? What is/ was your profession/ career ? What professional skills do you believe you possess?

Before having my children I had a career in marketing. After maternity leave I couldn’t imagine going back to a high pressure office environment. I had wanted to work with children since I was a child myself, so I set up A Spoonful of Sugar; a cookery school for 2-4 year olds which I ran for a number of years before becoming a Teaching Assistant in an infant school. 

I stayed in that role for 7 years, specialising in working with children with additional needs. However, although I loved it, I wanted to be able to help children more than I could in that environment. That in combination with my eldest son having extreme anxiety led me to retraining as a therapist specialising in working children.

I qualified as an NLP Practitioner and an NLP4kids Practitioner in 2020 & have been working as a private therapist ever since.

Why did you want to volunteer at Bath Rugby Foundation ? 

The waiting list is so long for any free support and many families are financially unable to access private therapists. I feel strongly that everyone struggling should be able to access support so I called the Bath Rugby Foundation to see if the students would benefit from having access to a therapist one day per week.

How do you feel when you volunteer with our charity and why ?

I love working with the Bath Rugby Foundation. I am able to support both students and staff and teach them techniques they can use when they are struggling. On top of this I benefit from being part of a team when I normally work alone.

What have been the highlights / positive moments you have seen whilst volunteering with us ?

I’ve had so many of them.

Today’s highlight was walking into the classroom and hearing “Amber’s here. I’m going first.” 

I have positive moments each week; one bought me flowers saying I bring colour to their life so they wanted to bring some to mine.

I love catching up with the students and staff each week & hearing how things are improving for them based on things we have worked through in our sessions. Seeing young people growing in confidence is the very best part of my job.

What do you personally want to achieve during your time with us as a volunteer and why ?

The only thing I want to achieve is to feel I am helping people that may not be able to access any other help.

Has Bath Rugby Foundation changed your life?

I love being at the Foundation and working as part of the team here  it adds an enormous amount of value to my life 😊

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