Trish has been a dedicated volunteer for Bath Rugby Foundation for the past three years, generously contributing her time and talents to support the Foundation's needs. As a valued member of our volunteer team, Trish frequently leverages her skills at Matchdays and fundraising events, making a significant impact on our efforts to changing young lives.

1. Can you introduce yourself? Hi, my name is Trish. I'm originally from the Caribbean, the wonderful island of Barbados. I was born and raised there until I moved to the UK in 2005.

2. Why do you volunteer for the Bath Rugby Foundation? I volunteer for the Bath Rugby Foundation because I was inspired by a speech given by the wonderful Lynne. I currently work with special needs students in a SEN school in Bath and have witnessed firsthand the incredible activities the Foundation offers to our students. Regardless of their ability or background, the Foundation ensures all students' needs are met. I wanted to help make a difference and support the Foundation in any way possible by giving my free time.

3. How do you feel about volunteering? I really appreciate and enjoy volunteering and feel my time is well spent. I give back as much as I can because I know firsthand what it's like to have a family member with a disability or who hasn't had the opportunity to have a good start in life.

4. What have been your highlights of volunteering with us? My highlights so far include meeting other great volunteers and staff who have become friends, sharing stories and experiences, attending Bath Rugby games, and meeting the players. It's always exciting, win or lose!

5. What do you want to achieve through volunteering? Through volunteering, I hope to further my career and share my skill set with the Foundation to help raise awareness for young people in our community and schools. They are the next generation, and I want to make a difference in their lives.

6. How has Bath Rugby Foundation impacted your life? I wouldn't say the Foundation has changed my life, but it has greatly helped me gain more confidence to ask for help and support others who haven't had the same opportunities in life. It's also improved my social skills and allowed me to meet new people.

7. What skills do you bring to your role as a volunteer? As a volunteer, I bring leadership skills to any task given. I can help organize and come up with plans as needed. I also share my knowledge and experiences with young people in and around the community.

8. How do you balance personal life and volunteering? Balancing my personal life and volunteering seemed like it would be a challenge, but I've found that I can do both effectively.

9. Do you have any memorable moments from volunteering? One memorable moment was while selling raffle tickets at a match day. A lovely couple immediately offered their support because the Foundation had given their son, who has a disability, the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities on Foundation day at the Rec. They praised the Foundation for its great work in helping people from all walks of life.

10. What advice would you give to someone considering volunteering at BRF? The best advice I could give is: "You are giving your time to make a difference in a young person's life." It could be a family member or a friend.

11. What has your experience with the Foundation taught you? My experience with the Foundation has shown me that asking for support for a good cause can go a long way. It may not change every young person's life immediately, but it can help change a few lives for the better. As we continue our charity work to raise awareness about the youth in our community, we give hope to our young people.

12. What are your hopes for the future of the Bath Rugby Foundation? I hope the fantastic work and support the Bath Rugby Foundation provides to our young people from all walks of life continues to grow for years to come.

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