Bath Rugby Foundation’s holiday activities and food programmes provide safe spaces over the school holidays for children, teenagers and families to break free from their usual challenges, enjoy play, learn new skills, and share a meal together. 

Name: Olivia Anstey

Age: 11 years old

School: St Keyna Primary School

Interests: Olivia loves football and playing outside, as well as being creative through her skills of drawing and building.

What did Olivia enjoy the most during BreakOut: “I have enjoyed playing football and rugby. Learning new skills was really fun and exciting”.


BreakOut Experience: Olivia has been an enthusiastic participant in Bath Rugby Foundation’s BreakOut programme, attending sessions at Castle Primary School during both the Christmas 2023 and Easter 2024 breaks. Initially, Olivia found it challenging to adapt during the Christmas BreakOut, particularly in forming new relationships with staff. However, during the Easter BreakOut, Olivia has thrived and seamlessly integrated into the programme. Notably, Olivia has attended BreakOut every day during the Easter break, relishing the diverse range of activities offered and establishing strong connections with her peers.

Challenges Overcome: Olivia’s mother shared insights into the difficulties Olivia faced in finding suitable Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) provisions due to her behaviors. However, Olivia's experience at Bath Rugby Foundation's BreakOut at Castle Primary has been remarkably positive. Olivia’s mother expressed her daughter’s enjoyment and eagerness to return, stating, “She’s really enjoying coming to this one and keeps asking to come back.”

Living in a bustling household, Olivia also takes on the role of a young carer for her younger sister, alongside managing her own additional needs. Despite these challenges, Olivia has found solace in the BreakOut programme, valuing the opportunity to have a respite from her busy life. Both Olivia and her mother are deeply appreciative of the positive impact BreakOut has had on Olivia’s well-being and social development. Olivia has expressed her desire to continue attending BreakOut in the future, highlighting its significance in her life.

BreakOut's Impact: Olivia's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Bath Rugby Foundation’s BreakOut programme, providing a supportive and enriching environment for vulnerable children during school breaks. Through engaging activities and nurturing relationships, BreakOut has empowered Olivia to overcome challenges, build confidence, and foster meaningful connections with her peers. Olivia’s positive experience underscores the vital role BreakOut plays in enhancing the well-being and inclusion of young individuals facing adversity, leaving a lasting impression on their lives.

What do our coaches have to say?

Alex Randall, Community Manager, and Jack Hill, Community Coach, said: "Easter Break Out is Bath Rugby Foundation’s seasonal holiday camps which supports young families in their community within an area of deprivation.

"Easter Break Out provides parents rest bite, provides children with enjoyment and happiness in a safe and secure place for those children who are most vulnerable during the school holiday periods."

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