Meet Brandan Turner, Bath Rugby Foundation's Casual Coach

Brandon, a Casual Coach at ALH, emphasises the importance of building relationships with students and adapting to their needs. Through enrichment activities such as sports, ALH aims to engage students and help them develop both academically and personally.

Originally, I was on the delivery team with Alex, going out to schools but I wanted to swap to the ALH because it was more consistent and I could see the students progress over time throughout the year, how they have changed and adapted. 

It’s really nice to build relationships with the students and see their progression throughout the year.

Here, I do all of the enrichment sports activities. This term, the focus is on getting them outside. The goal is to work on getting them outdoors. The term before that was team building. All of the sports was team based and now they’re all outdoors. We do all sorts of sports. At every Tuesday, we do golf at the driving range, rugby, kick tennis, indoor curling, I have set up a golf course in the Hub before throughout the building. We use the gym, upstairs, a lot. Bowling, football and one bounce.

We need to adapt to how the students need their environments and have found that if we plan sessions with them in advance and they know what is happening then they work best.