Who is Jas Ford? Jas's journey with Bath Rugby Foundation is a testament to resilience and the power of support and opportunity. Having faced significant challenges during school due to bullying, Jas struggled with anxiety and lacked confidence in traditional educational settings. However, a turning point came when Jas discovered the Bath Rugby Foundation (BRF) through a recommendation from a friend already involved in the Alternative Learning Hub (ALH), a program under BRF.

Journey with BRF: A simple gesture, like sharing a cup of tea, served as the catalyst for Jas's involvement in ALH. Despite never having engaged in sports before, Jas found a welcoming environment and supportive mentors, notably Joe, the Operations Manager, who introduced Jas to rugby and helped develop newfound skills and confidence. Through ALH's courses focusing on employability skills and personal development, Jas not only gained qualifications but also discovered a sense of belonging and purpose.

Career Progression: Jas's commitment and growth at ALH didn't go unnoticed. Encouraged to apply for a kick start role, Jas transitioned into a position as an Operations Assistant. With dedication and determination, Jas has now risen to the role of Operations Coordinator at Bath Rugby Foundation, where responsibilities include coordinating volunteers on match days and spearheading initiatives to train and expand the volunteer base to further support the Foundation's mission.

Impact and Philosophy: Jas emphasises the importance of providing support and opportunities to individuals facing diverse challenges, recognising that not everyone has the same starting point or support system. Through BRF's programmes, Jas believes in offering equal opportunities for individuals to find their path and realise their potential, regardless of past experiences or educational backgrounds.

Personal Reflection: For Jas, the experience with BRF, particularly through the HITZ program (now ALH), has been transformative. It provided not only practical skills and qualifications but also a supportive community that instilled confidence and self-belief. Jas attributes much of their personal and professional growth to the inclusive and nurturing environment fostered by BRF.

If Jas could give you one bit of advice, it would be: "Never judge a book by its cover. Let a flower bloom before you pick it," which she believes speaks to the philosophy of giving everyone a fair chance and the belief in the potential for growth and change.