Meet Louis Rabbits, Bath Rugby Foundation's Community Coach. 

Louis has recently moved from our Alternative Learning Hub team and is now fully immersed as a Community Coach, helping Alex, Jack and Ellie to deliver our programmes in schools and the wider network. 

Louis began his journey with Bath Rugby Foundation by
volunteering about a year ago, initially providing one-on-one
support to students in the classroom and assisting with
various sessions. When an opportunity arose for a job role in
Alternative Learning Support, Louis was encouraged to join the
team. In that role, he focused on attendance monitoring
and provided invaluable support to facilitate learning.
Reflecting on his personal experience, Louis expresses deep
appreciation for the positive impact ALH has on students' lives.
He believes it's a remarkable environment for learning and
takes pride in witnessing the progress students make,
recognising that without the Foundation's intervention, many
of them wouldn't have had such opportunities.

Hear from Louis:

What encouraged you to join the Bath Rugby Foundation team?

Why do you think the projects we deliver are so important to developing our learners?

If Louis could give you one bit of advice: