Meet Rob & Kara

Rob is a single parent of Kara aged 8, he found out about Summer Break Out (Eat Active Camps) through his social worker. 

Rob had found lockdown difficult balancing trying to work as a builder and look after his daughter. He was put on furlough and was unsure of his job prospect for the future, a situation that may sound familiar to many people at present.    

Kara is a pupil of one of the schools where SBO was being run so was very keen to get back into school as it was a very familiar place for her and she’d only been able to attend a few times since March.  

On the first day of finding out about Summer Break Out, Rob went to the school and didn’t want to take part as he had house chores he needed to do but did take a much needed food parcel away which in his words ‘this will help a lot, and "we’ve even got Shreddies they are Kara’s favourite”.  Before leaving Rob booked in a time slot that meant he could attend in the future with Kara.  The next week after the session he said ‘ I really enjoyed that, it meant me and Kara could play but someone else had organised it, means I don’t have to think and it and it just takes away the stress of it all for a bit”.  They left with smiles on their faces, a twig crown on their heads and a food parcel to support them for the week.


Meet Caiden & Kadie 

Brother and Sister Caiden and Kadie attend Castle Primary School and found lockdown tough; under the same roof for months and not being able to see their friends and go to school properly.  Their Mum, a single parent decided to come to SBO after receiving an email from the school promoting to families whose children were eligible for free school meals.  Exhausted from having a 10 year old and 9 year old son and daughter at home for the last 5 months she said “This was the first chance to have a bit of a breather.” 

The two kids were unsure about attending the session and dragging their heels, not knowing exactly what to expect having not been in a routine for a long time. Instantly one of the coaches managed to engage Caiden in a football game and Kadie got involved whilst their Mum sat down and watched.  They continued with games for an hour and once finished, they all entered the canteen for lunch together. Kadie didn't like meatballs and didn't want to try it.  The coach managed to have a joke and persuade her to try, she said 'this is different to yours Mum' and they took home a portion for dinner that evening as well as a food parcel for the week.

Their Mum had signed up for one session to try it, by the end, they totalled 13 sessions and 26 hours of attendance, averaging 3 times a week for the 4 weeks, a real lifeline for mums sanity. Mum took part in physical activities and said it made her feel better too after saying she had felt lethargic and unmotivated.  

In the final week of SBO the children chose to attend SBO rather than a camp for children with Education Health care plans. Mum could not believe the calmness back at home when they would return home after a morning session and the kids were now excited to return to school.