Josh has excelled since he first joined us in October 2019 when he first took part in our 6-week Project Rugby mixed ability programme at his school.

Josh was first introduced to the foundation when Dan Hine met Josh' dad at Walcot Warriors in November 2019 and spoke about the further opportunities the Foundation provides to young people in the local community. He mentioned that Josh was not having the opportunity to socialise or to gain new skills and confidence since he and his family had recently made the move to Bath from the South East. Whilst living in the SouthEast, Josh and his family had also found there to be limited opportunities for him to play sports and socialise outside school time, in a safe place.

Since coming to the foundation, Josh has always shown a keen interest in participating in as many different activities as he possibly could;

  • In 2019, Josh joined the Walcot Warriors Mixed Ability Rugby Team (set up by the Foundation in 2017)
  • January 2020, Josh joined the Hi5! Club at Hayesfield School
  • March 2020, Josh attended his first rugby match with his Dad at Sixways Stadium, Worcester through the Project Rugby programme.
  • June 2020, Josh joined Hi5! Golf at Saltford Golf Club.
  • September 2020, Josh attended his first Hi5! Social and Sports sessions without his Dad and has continued to do this regularly at our Monday sessions and Golf sessions on a Thursday.

The team are extremely proud of Josh, he has gained immense confidence and new skills in rugby as well as gaining confidence in physical activity as a whole and has worked to build relationships with both his peers and the Foundation coaches.

Josh has gained so much confidence recently that his Dad now feels comfortable enough to be able to leave him on his own for the first time in 17-years! Josh' new found confidence has also given him the foundations he needed to build friendships outside of school.

Well done Josh, keep up the great work!