Todd is a young man who has learning difficulties, who has had a tough home life after his mum left at an early age and has suffered at the hands of bullies. 

Todd does not have any academic qualifications… but still manages to greet everyone with a smile and be one of the most positive young people we know.

He was bullied at school, often leading to Todd eating his lunch alone to stop other children picking on him or stealing his food.

He makes no secret of the fact his participation in Bath Rugby Foundation programmes has transformed his life and given him a social life he would otherwise not have had.

Todd has taken part in Foundation programmes for years, first joining on doorstep club, moving on to the Hi5! Club and then becoming the first captain of the Walcot Warriors, the first Mixed Ability rugby team set up in the South West.

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He is now in his second year on the HITZ employability programme and was a finalist in the national HITZ Awards in October 2019.

Last summer Todd undertook work experience as a RugbyTots coach and impressed the team so much they have hired him to help deliver sessions as a paid coach – Todd’s first paid employment.

Todd was never taught to ride a bike when he was a child. Nevertheless, when the opportunity to take part in a two-week cycle in Chile last November came up, Todd signed up and decided he would learn how to cycle – putting in months of hard work to prepare for the challenge.

Despite the challenges Todd has faced throughout his life, he is one of the most positive young people on any of our programmes.

His joy is infectious and he brightens up the Bath Rugby Foundation office every day.

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