Any information heading into Bath Rugby Foundation in the form of paperwork finds its way to Calvin who helps the Foundation run like a well-oiled machine by putting it up on to various systems. 

I am from Bath but have lived in Peasedown St John for a majority of my life. 

When he's not keeping the Foundation's shared system in good order Calvin is rarely far away from his pen, pencil, marker, paintbrush or spray can.

He said: "I really enjoy artwork and I’m often looking for inspiration. So, if my head is down with a sketch book in hand it often ends well after a short time."

As well as helping in the Foundation office, Calvin has first-hand experience of the Foundation's programmes, playing for the Walcot Warriors Mixed Ability rugby team.

He said: "I did take a break from it from about the middle of last season. However, I have made a return to it for the season ahead. I am just looking to make the most of it while I can."