Jonathan Wood - or Jonno as he'll be known from here on - joined Bath Rugby Foundation in Summer 2018 to lead our charity's education programmes.

It is fair to say Jonno brings an amazing teaching knowledge, developed from a wide range or experiences to the role.

A keen Downhill mountain biker, which took him all over the world, he was privileged to ride with his heroes on some of the world’s toughest tracks, which taught him the importance of mindset and attitude to learning.

After living in New Zealand riding bikes he decided to become a teacher. He said: "This was the 'calling'.  I really enjoying working with pupils that exhibit behavioural issues and saw success with these classes."

While teaching Jonno was responsible for an intervention programme for year 11 behaviour class to help increase engagement across the school.

" I want to bring this passion together with a sporting background to give young people that find themselves in challenging situations through a mere roll of the dice new opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise get.  The aim is to help them build the skills access the wonderful things that school offers already."

Facts about Jonno:

  • Once took part in a 12-hour bike marathon
  • Rugby helped him get through being bullied at school
  • Came in the top 6 at the Welsh National downhill mountain biking championships
  • He has ridden in NZ, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Andora, Spain.
  • He has surfed in Africa, Spain and UK
  • He once reached the final of a prize fight before suffering a dislocated jaw
  • He has a masters in Physics – helping characterise a telescope looking to investigate Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

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