Halena is our Head of Fundraising and has now been a Bath resident for over 20 years.  A linguist by nature, Halena speaks fluent French and lived there for several years before returning to the UK to live.  She joined in 2012 and has grown the Fundraising Department through a series of excellent events, collaborative work with other charities and local agencies and Trusts and Grant work to support the award-winning programmes the charity delivers.

Passionate about making Bath a better place, Halena champions the work of the charity and wants to help make a difference.

“The diverse work of the charity for me is really special.

"Our coaches are fabulous mentors and really caring. It is wonderful to see the results they achieve often with vulnerable children and young people.

"I find inspiration in seeing the possibilities and thinking outside of the box around charity and charity work. Through our fundraising I hope to highlight and support the work of our wonderful coaches and their impact. 

"I know Bath businesses will engage with our stories, and see how Bath Rugby’s charity adds real, long lasting value in the community.”