What is the programme? 

Hi5! Social is a FREE programme for young people aged 16+ with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES). The sessions are held in the community in local coffee shops, with trips to different locations each term. These trips include visits to the cinemas, bowling and other fun activities like these. Hi5! Social provides opportunities to socialise in a safe space and develop life skills through communication, money handling, ordering food and drinks, using public transport and developing social skills to build confidence and independence which allows our young people to take the skills they learn into their lives outside of sessions and within their social networks they have built.

With local organisations coming to sessions as special guests, our young people get to meet a variety of individuals, whilst taking part in fun and engaging activities that broaden their development and understanding of specific life skills, such as cooking and healthy eating.

The need for the programme in the school/ community?

Hi5! tackles social exclusion, loneliness and isolation by helping young adults with disabilities to socialise, make friends and develop independence to be out in the wider community. Research has found that young people with disabilities, are at higher risk of chronic loneliness. Nearly half of the people living in poverty are in families where one family member has a disability. Living with poverty and disadvantages has been shown to affect their future education and other life outcomes.) Employment rate of people with a disability is 52.7%, compared to 81% with no disability.  With the hit of COVID-19 these rates have continued to fluctuate over the last couple of years. Hi5! Social has been a constant and secure place for our participants, ensuring they are developing and learning the correct tools and skills to tackle barriers they may face in their day to day lives.

Project Outcomes

Hi5! Social aims to provide opportunities and help young adults with disabilities to develop life skills, independence and tackle social exclusion and isolation. Our Hi5! Programme welcomes participants into the community and gives them a safe space to make friends and learn skills that will benefit and develop their independence.

Hi5! Social is funded by Bath Area Play Project (BAPP)

How to get involved

Hi5! Social runs on a Monday evening 4.30pm – 5.30pm, for those with physical and learning disabilities ages 16+. To get involved, email our inclusion officer [email protected]