Hi5! is a bespoke club for children and young people aged 7-25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) area.


The Hi5! Club currently consists of different elements – multi-sports, golf, schools/Project Rugby, social and competitions. Initially a multi-sports club, we extended our activities due to the lack of provision and unmet need regionally.


Th Hi5! Club is a pathway allowing participants to access a broad range of activities and multiple opportunities each week outside of school for fitness, fun and socialisation. It runs throughout the whole year. (Pathway route diagram attached.)


It is the only multi-sports club in the region and has been running since 2006.


The aim of the club is to break down the barriers which prevent SEND children and young people from being active, fit, independent and socialising and to introduce them to a range of sports and the opportunities other children have available to them. It is also a vehicle to challenge the mindset and aspirations of the participants and to encourage them out of their comfort zone. It is a key intervention supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the participants.


We also transition and signpost participants to partner organisations and inclusive sports clubs where appropriate. Through demand, Bath Rugby Foundation (BRF) have set up two regional Mixed Ability rugby teams for men and women with disabilities and long term health conditions which we then integrated into local rugby clubs creating a sustainable environment where the teams are run by grass roots clubs and supported by BRF staff and trained volunteers.

The Hi5! Club’s activities have been specially designed by BRF coaches for those children and young people with physical and/or learning disabilities. Our coaches are disability trained with regular CPD.  They focus on key developments of movement - agility, balance, and co-ordination, as well as providing a safe, fun environment where participants can build confidence and independence, get healthy and connect to their community.

Hi5! Club also tackles the issues of social exclusion, isolation and obesity, sad realities for many children and young people with disabilities.  Nearly half of families with a disabled child live in poverty, 85% of disabled youngsters (18-34) express loneliness and their obesity statistics at ages 10-11 are at 50.2% across the region.

To date we’ve seen one third of the groups double their weekly activity through engagement and commitment to our weekly Hi5! Club sessions and also transitioning to other community sports clubs with our support, developing the participant’s independence outside of Hi5! Club activity.

During the 14 years we have been delivering Hi5! Club friendships have been formed which extend way beyond the weekly sessions.

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If you think this programme could be for you or your family, get in touch with Dan Hine.