Estate Agents, Knight Frank, have teamed up with Bath Rugby Foundation to help Alternative Learning Hub students experience what it is like to work in the industry. 

Bath Life Magazine published the partnership in their June edition.

Q&A with Bath Rugby Foundation and Knight Frank

Bath Rugby Foundation (BRF) recently collaborated with Sam Daniels from Knight Frank, who showed our students around Pitt House in Bath. This inspiring opportunity motivated one of our students to apply for three courses at Bath College. Here, we discuss the impact of such partnerships with local businesses.

Joe Aygul, Operations Manager at Bath Rugby Foundation

Who are Bath Rugby Foundation, and how do you help disadvantaged young people in B&NES?

We’re a charity dedicated to supporting young people who need social, emotional, practical, and physical support but don’t receive it. We help challenged young people stop feeling judged and underestimated and instead feel confident and hopeful. We re-ignite confidence and self-worth, providing them with life skills and opportunities to thrive. Bath Rugby Foundation exists to bridge the gap between the poorest and most affluent areas, fostering a positive, supportive community.

How can professionals and businesses help BRF change young people’s lives?

Community is more than a place or a group of people; it’s a feeling of belonging and being part of something bigger. It’s where we find support, friendship, and empowerment. When businesses or individuals support a local charity like BRF, they embody community spirit. This generosity creates a ripple effect, inspiring others and helping more people live happier, healthier lives.

Sam Daniels, Knight Frank

Why did you and Knight Frank want to get involved with BRF?

We wanted to get involved with BRF because we love Bath and admire the Foundation. Personally, I was once unconfident and want to show vulnerable young people that they too can succeed with a mindset change. Seeing how the Foundation changes lives is inspiring, and I am passionate about giving back to help these students gain confidence and opportunities.

What did you enjoy about your visit and your ongoing partnership with BRF?

I loved seeing the students react and engage during our visit; watching their eyes open was incredible. It reminded me to stay humble and appreciate my journey. Our ongoing partnership with BRF continues to be deeply fulfilling, reinforcing my passion for helping others and seeing the tangible impact on these young lives.

How would you like to build upon your partnership with BRF in the future?

I envision working closely with BRF to become a permanent supporter. By deepening our involvement, we can provide ongoing mentorship, resources, and opportunities to help more vulnerable young people gain confidence and succeed. Building a lasting partnership with BRF will enable us to make a sustained, positive impact on these young lives.

Encouraging more businesses and professionals to get involved with Bath Rugby Foundation, like Sam Daniels from Knight Frank, can transform young lives. Inspired by Sam's tour of Pitt House, one student applied for three courses at Bath College, highlighting the powerful impact of such initiatives. Join us to make a difference and change young lives.

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