Spirax Sarco business leaders attended Bath Rugby Foundation's Alternative Learning Hub for an immersive experience with Hi5! participants, Mixed Ability Rugby players and Alternative Learning Hub students. 

On Tuesday, 9th July, a group of 24 business leaders from Spirax Sarco, along with three facilitators from the Bridge Partnership, participated in an immersive experience designed to provide them with a firsthand understanding of a day in the life of students involved with our charity.

The day began at 09:30 am with the business leaders arriving at the BRF and settling into the designated 'safe space'. They were welcomed by Jane, Jonno, and Alex, who ensured everyone was comfortable and ready for the day ahead. This was followed by an insightful introduction from Jonno, who explained the purpose of the BRF charity, the challenges faced within the B&NES community, and the significant successes and hurdles encountered along the way.

At 10:30 am, the group was divided into two. Group 1 engaged in a session of Mixed Ability Rugby, while Group 2 worked in partnership with Alternative Learning Hub (ALH) students to take part in team work games. Under the guidance of Jack and Liam, the business leaders mingled with the students, gaining a deeper understanding of their daily experiences and the inclusive nature of the activities.

By 11:45 am, it was time for a communal lunch. Both groups came together, sharing a meal with our participants from the Mixed Ability Rugby, Hi5!, and ALH programmes, learning more about day-to-day life in The Hub. This lunch provided a relaxed environment for the business leaders to interact more informally with the students, fostering meaningful conversations and connections.

After lunch, at 12:30 pm, the groups swapped activities. Group 1 moved to the ALH to support students there, while Group 2 participated in Mixed Ability Rugby. Once again, Alex and Joe facilitated these sessions, ensuring that the business leaders were fully immersed in the students' routines and activities.

Even in the pouring rain, the sessions were filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie, demonstrating the positive impact of inclusive sports.

 At 15:30 pm, the group travelled to Homewood Park Spa for the final part of the day's programme.

Upon arrival at the spa, the leaders participated in purposeful discussions with BRF staff and volunteers, facilitated by Jane Craig. This session, held from 16:00 to 17:00 pm, provided an opportunity for deeper discussions about the mission and impact of BRF's work.

The day concluded with an informal buffet, where Spirax Sarco business leaders, BRF staff, and volunteers mingled, reflecting on the day's experiences and fostering further connections.

This event successfully provided the business leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the charity’s mission, the challenges the Foundation addresses, and the significant impact we have on our participants.

Jonno Wood, Alternative Learning Lead, said of the event: "I left yesterday’s event with Bridge Partnership and Spirax Sarco feeling inspired to be a part of BRF. As you may know 24 senior international business leaders came to be immersed in our day to witness how we include those who are typically excluded.

 "This is quite a logistical undertaking and given the business status of many of these leaders, intimidating and nerve wracking for our staff who are ultimately being observed. We overcame this and flourished. I was so impressed by the energy that we cultivated on the day as a team, how seamlessly the operation ran, how high the quality of the delivery was and how involved and open our students were to the new people they met.

"Opportunities like this open so many new horizons which often convert into positive outcomes for BRF."

Creating a sense of belonging: 

These workshops are perfect for senior leader teams to start implementing their workplace strategy, for whole department teams, or whole organisations investing in their culture. 
Attendees have included B&NES Council, Bath Rugby, Curo Housing Association, England Hockey, Mogers Drewett, Dyson, Spirax Sarco, and KP Snacks. 
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