Name – Andrew Fleming

Trustee Role – Treasurer Trustee

BRF Trustee since – 2021

Meet Andrew Fleming..

Andrew has worked for more than 25 years in the accounting sector after studying accounting and finance in his home country of New Zealand. Having worked in both financial reporting and information technology roles, Andrew now has a business providing online accounting services to small businesses.

Andrew prides himself on not conforming to the usual perceived persona of an accountant. After a recent milestone birthday he decided to take up surfing and can often be found on the Cornish coast  trying to match up to his son’s water sports abilities.

Why did Andrew want to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Andrew has seen Bath Rugby Foundation grow and develop through the years, having first encountered several Foundation coaches when his son first joined the Bath Rugby minis teams. Andrew is also a keen rugby fan so when looking for a Trustee role that he could authentically undertake, all things signposted him straight to Bath Rugby Foundation.

Andrew isn’t averse to being a hands-on Trustee, he’s looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and volunteering his time across a range of BRF programmes. As a keen rugby fan, Andrew is up for having a run around the Rec with some of our HITZ learning academy students on days that he’s volunteering there. As an ex-coach of a local grassroots rugby club, he’s well placed to offer not only his financial expertise but also his sporting knowledge too.

How does Andrew wish to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

It’s early days for Andrew to answer this question but for now, he hopes that he can support the charity as it grows in making the right strategic financial decisions to achieve progressive and sustainable growth. He wants to help the Foundations leadership team to squeeze every possibility out of each penny spent, making the most of the unique opportunity that Bath Rugby Foundation has when it comes to creating brighter futures for young people in the local community.

Andrew’s hopes and aspirations for the future of Bath Rugby Foundation…

Andrew hopes that Bath Rugby Foundation can really grow its presence within the community so that those who need the support know where to turn and those who can offer their support are able and willing to do so, all pulling together to achieve the goal of making Bath a better place to live for all.