Meet Tarquin McDonald..

Tarquin is a familiar face to many in the city of Bath as the CEO of Bath Rugby since 2016. Prior to undertaking his pivotal role within the club, Tarquin was Managing Director after initially joined in 2012 as Finance and Strategy Director. 

Tarquin is not a CEO that is known for sitting back whilst others around him ‘get the job done’; He is known to be a proactive, tenacious, and compassionate leader who leads from the front and would not ask a member of his team to do anything that he wasn’t prepared to do himself. This is just one of the many reasons why Tarquin chose to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation, and not to simply delegate this role.

Tarquin sees his Trustee role as the glue that binds Bath Rugby, Bath Rugby Foundation, and the local community together.

Why did Tarquin decide to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Tarquin is extremely thankful for his role on the board of Trustees, he is infectiously passionate about people, as individuals and as collective groups and wants to be part of an environment where people, from all walks of life, can thrive. He wants to make an impact during his tenure, not only on the Club and Foundation but on young people who have had the toughest start in life.

Tarquin believes that being a Trustee is a ‘privilege and an honour’, he has spent time at Southside Youth Hub with the Bath Rugby Foundation team, delivering support to local young people and has witnessed first-hand the difference the Foundation makes on young lives.

Tarquin believes Bath Rugby Foundation can take inspiration from Bath Rugby but equally Bath Rugby can take inspiration from Bath Rugby Foundation, and he is passionate about instilling high performance expertise from the Club into the Foundation, to allow it to go from strength to strength but also sees it as vital that the Club takes heed from the way that Bath Rugby Foundation seamlessly integrates itself into the local community.

How does Tarquin wish to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

Tarquin believes he is uniquely placed to harmoniously amalgamate Bath Rugby and Bath Rugby Foundation.

He is a keen sportsman, he enjoys running as meditation and relaxation, and loved taking part in team sports with participants at Southside Youth hub.

Tarquin believes that the more we can connect outside of our bubbles, the more we can enrich our local community.

What are Tarquin’s future hopes and aspirations for Bath Rugby Foundation?

“Bath Rugby Foundation is about to celebrate its 18th birthday, and recently has developed exponentially, not least in the impact that it has on the local community, but also the way in which it supports its team to develop along their career paths and as empathetic people who are part of the community.”

Tarquin hopes that the growth of Bath Rugby Foundation continues at its current trajectory so that it can have maximum impact in the city.

Tarquin believes that the planned new Rec development will transform Th Rec from a rugby ground into the ‘heartbeat of the city’ and sees Bath Rugby Foundation’s work as a key part of this transformation.