Name – Louise Harvey

Trustee Role – Community and Impact Trustee

Meet Louise Harvey….

Louise is the Executive Director for the Foundation Fund at St John’s Foundation; a role that is extremely diverse managing the charitable delivery for the Foundation.

Louise has been a key member of St John’s since 2003, she leads the Foundation Fund. This fund was developed with a specific aim of narrowing the Attainment Gap for Key Stage 2 children living in Bath and North East Somerset. Through their manifesto St John’s commitment is to to fund into the following areas, all of which focus on supporting 0–12-year-old children and their families:

  • Nutritious food everyday
  • A safe place outside of school
  • Professional behavioural and emotional support
  • Additional support with foundational reading, writing, oracy, and mathematics

Louise has worked extensively across the Third Sector. She has wide-ranging experience and knowledge of the needs of people and communities in Bath and the surrounding area, and she excels at building relationships and working with charities, individuals, and like-minded organisations to create sustainable long-term solutions.

Louise is well known for her strong leadership and guides the work that the St John's Foundation delivers through its other charitable services.

Why did Louise want to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Louise wanted to become a Trustee to make a difference in Bath, she felt that when the Rec development began to pick up pace under the current Bath Rugby owning administration, a unique opportunity began to emerge to be able to link Bath Rugby Foundation and Bath Rugby as a club with the community. Louise wanted to join the Board of Trustees to support in spreading the message of what is needed in Bath for the good of the current generation and for future generations of local disadvantaged children.

How does Louise wish to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

Louise wants to be able to help to drive things forward with Bath Rugby Foundation, to support the team in moving into the next era of growth, investing time and resource into spreading the word of the wonderful work that the Foundation does and clearly demonstrating the positive impact that it makes on the local community so that organic support begins to grow exponentially.

Louise’s hopes and aspirations for the future of Bath Rugby Foundation…

Louise hopes that Bath Rugby Foundation can help to move the dial in the local area by raising awareness of the vital work that needs to be done to be able to create an equal playing field of opportunity for all youngsters. Louise believes that Bath Rugby Foundation has made great strides to build awareness of the attainment gap that is currently very present within the city, and she hopes that the delivery work that the Foundation does in partnership with other charity organisations can begin to close this gap to create a better and stronger community for us all.