Name – Christopher Potter

Trustee Role – Represents Bath Rugby’s Owners on the Board of Trustees

BRF Trustee since – 2012

Meet Christopher Potter...

Christopher is a qualified lawyer; he was educated in both England and France and has an LLB from King’s College London as well as a Master of Law degree and a DEA post-graduate degree from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

He was in private practice as a French avocat until 2010, specialising in French and international taxation, cross-border investments and leveraged acquisitions.

He currently advises two families, one of which is Bath Rugby owner, Bruce Craig.

Christopher brings to his role as Trustee extensive international experience, consulting for the charity on legal and safeguarding matters.

In his spare time, Christopher enjoys running. He has completed the Bath Half Marathon numerous times and is signed up to run yet again in 2022.

Why did Christopher want to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Christopher is thankful that an opportunity that comes with working with families with wealth includes him being able to help them to do good with their wealth and make a positive, on the ground impact on the world. He very much sees his position within the Foundation as just that, as he is able to proactively advise the Club owner of ways in which he can best utilise his fortunate position within the world, to have a positive impact on the community where his business is based.

How does Christopher aspire to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

Christopher can see the collateral good that can be done for the local community in Bath, he can also see the opportunity that Bath Rugby has to make a positive difference in the local community via Bath Rugby Foundation and he wants to ensure that he plays a key role in making this a reality. Christopher is not currently based in Bath; he believes that this could be seen as a negative, but it can also be advantageous to the Foundation as it enables him to take a wider view.

Christopher’s hopes and aspirations for the future of Bath Rugby Foundation…

Christopher recalls that when he started with the Foundation the charity was growing through the aspirations and hopes of just a few people. It has grown significantly during his time as a Trustee, and is now on a very fast upward trajectory. He hopes that this trajectory will continue and believes that the way to go about this is by engaging with the whole city, leveraging the good people of Bath to encourage them to make a serious commitment to undo the damage that has been done in our society. His vision is for Bath to become a city and a community that other cities and communities aspire to be like, and all its people are proud to be part of.