Name – Chris Alexander

BRF Trustee since – 2018

Meet Chris Alexander….

Chris lives in Bath with his wife and three children. Before moving to Bath in 2010, Chris spent 15 years working in the investment industry in London as a partner in a large alternative investment business.

Chris is now an active investor in small businesses located across the South West of England.

In his spare time, Chris is a keen Bath Rugby fan although he admits that he doesn’t get the chance to make it to rugby games as often as he once did. He hopes to reinstate his season ticket once he gets his life back.

Why did Chris want to become a Trustee of Bath Rugby Foundation?

Chris believes that Bath Rugby as a club and the Foundation as a charity, are perfectly placed to be central institutions within the local community. Chris believes passionately that the challenges facing young people are becoming harder and harder to navigate. This is even more true for children who grow up lacking social or financial support or who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Foundation provides vital help to these young people.

How does Chris wish to add most value to the Foundation as a Trustee?

Chris is focused on the business and fundraising side of the charity, by sharing the key strategic skills that he has gained throughout his career. Chris is helping the Foundation build a scalable model which allows us to grow our impact faster than our income. He hopes to play his part in helping to create a fast-growing, community-driven business model where young people and the wider community come together to create powerful and mutually beneficial relationships. Chris believes we can all add value to each other’s lives, regardless of our socio-economic backgrounds – reflecting Bath Rugby Foundation’s mantra: ‘Developing all children and young people creates stronger communities and stronger communities are better for everyone’.

Chris’ hopes and aspirations for the future of Bath Rugby Foundation are…

Chris hopes that Bath Rugby Foundation can integrate even further into the community, enabling it to become the go-to charity for people across the city in both a volunteering and support capacity.